Tuesday, December 25, 2007

here we are

im still in taiwan teaching english, last weekend I went to a reservoir in the mountains south of Taipei which was really beautiful. Taipei in christmas in funny becuase its just one big commercial gimmick but is not celebrated in any other way besides signs and decorations everywhere, but its just like any other day. however we do get off for new years. teaching the kids is cool, they are good kids but are totally overworked by the educational system which is a little sad. I try my best not to add to that pressure, just be a goofy english teacher that the kids have fun with and communicate with in the english language. Its just basically playing games and practicing vocab and sentance making with different simple activities usually involving a sticky board, white board, and die.

Here is an outline of other interesting points in daily life
eating a lot of organic food and traditional chinese vegetarian food
reading Dylan Thomas, the China Study, New Yorker
dating an actress in the theater that I met at Taipei Experimental Elictronic music festival
listening to a lot of Grateful Dead, Bluegrass, Donna The Buffalo, World music on my Ipod
not playing guitar enough
going hiking on the weekends
meditating and doing yoga
riding around on moped
going to christmas parties
learning a little Chinese, simple phrases and what not and some very basic knowledge
I plan on going to thailand jan 23 -feb 2 if anyone knows of anyone who is going let me know.
Upon my return from Thailand my parents will be joining me for a week of sightseeing around taiwan, hopefully going to the east coast of taiwan which is full of mountains and natural wonder.