Monday, January 11, 2010

Back In Taipei

Dear friends and family, I am back in Taipei after an exhausting nineteen hour lugage-less flight from DC to LA to Taipei. Its cold and rainy here, and I am staying in my freinds apartment who is in the phillipines. I finally got over the jet lag. I think I went a whole week without proper sleep! I have been looking for a job, had a few interviews and offers, and am substitute teaching at a school for a friend this week. Im also back at Tai Chi class, which keeps getting more dificult and my teacher keeps getting more strict. And if only I could understnad him, what with him being 94 years old and with a thick Beijing accent. This morning I got up early and went to the mountains, where I found a big rock in front of a boulder and sat down to meditate. It was wonderful to be sourrounded by the rush of the water, the sound of the wind in the dense foliage, and the birds and creatures arising to meet another day. And it even stopped raining for a bit during my meditation! Im excited to be here practicing Chinese and connecting with Taiwanese and ex-pat friends alike, though I miss you all dearly. I still havent moved into my new apartment - I'm waiting for my freind to go back to Italy before I can move into his apartment. Though I am enjoying the boundless kindness and thoughtfulness of my freind Patrick who left me the keys to his apartment and motorbike while he is in the Phillipines. It was wonderful seeing everyone in the US and to everyone I didnt get a chance to see, I'm sorry and I still hold you dear in my heart. Below is a link to my flickr website with photos I took while I was in America this fall. Love David