Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in Taipei

Ive been back in Taipei for a few weeks now. Sorry everyone I didnt get to see this summer, I spent a lot of time traveling the northeast and up to Canada visiting Family that I didnt have as much free time to visit all of my companions as I would have liked. But dont worry you are all still near and dear to my heart, and I will be back in the States next September to get my Masters in Teaching. Now Im back in Taipei, which is a really wonderful place. I have been riding my bike extensively, and also seeing a lot of independent films at a film festival at the Taipei Film House "Spot". Furthermore, I have started a new part time teaching job, which is very interesting for me because it is a much more regimented, outlined cirriculum where each classes teaching plan is already set. Although it is kind of boring its giving me a better understanding of how the structure of a class is constituted. I am way more adjusted to handling a classroom and thus more able to concentrate my teaching and less on behavoir and discipline. I find that in my second year I build better rapport and command the students attention easier through my adjustment to the role as an authority to the students, a position whcih i am wholly unaccostumed too.
Yesterday I saw the french 1976 film "I love you nor do I", set in the US Southwest about a gay garbage dtruck driver who falls in love with a boyish femme. It was heavily symbolic and imagistic, as well as being absurdly funny at times. It was definitely a hipster flick, they all dressed like 1950's greasers and there was even a roller derby scene.
On Monday, Sept. 22nd I am starting my Chinese classes at a big private university. I will attend classes Monday thru Friday 10-12, then go to one of my two part time teaching jobs. I am looking foward to formally learning Chinese, and thus be able to communicate with the outside world and not mosey about a bumbling fool.
Ive also been attending Yoga and Chi Kung classes at the buddhist tea house, which is really stimulating. All of the other participants are open minded, mellowed out expats, and we all really have a nice time exploring and discovering together.

Reading: Jorge Luis Borges - Labyrinths, Thomas Merton - Seven Storey Mountain, Poems of Billy Collins, PR Sarkar - Discourses on Tantra

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