Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A small pocket of the universe contains small carbon based life forms

pass by, drive away, turn on, shut off, open up, ressurect, readjust, sink, rise, manifest, vanish, reappear, live, breath, dream, die, reincarnate,
                                                                                    FOREVER (is just a word).

I have no more change in my pocket,
My credit runs out,
The machine TURNS off.

When I was small, after visitng the art museum, my grandmother would take me to McDonalds.  I was forbidden to go to Wendy’s, because Wendy’s controlled woman’s bodies.

At a soccer game, I dislocated my shoulder and my mom put it back in place on the sidelines.

I got drunk once.

The super bowl,
Terminator 2.

LOVE shines from her eyes where her smile used to be.

Before I was born, where did I live?
Zen claps wake up the emaciated AIDS patient.

How many eternities find their way into the dropping ball which signals millennium to the masses?

Mr. T:  “No More Jibber Jabber”

No more credit, no more pocket.
The more turns the turns off.
Mo machine credit off. Machine.
                                                                        FOREVER is just a word
                                                                        that means forever. 

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